Telephone: 01772 914635 - Mobile: 07834 853478
Thanks for Joining us!! 


Our venues in Preston are as follows:

Wilbraham Social Club, 64 Geoffrey Street, Preston, PR1 5NJ
The Central Lounge & Suites, 57 St Marys Street North, Preston, PR1 5LG

Dates as follows: 

17th August - Fi Nicks - Wilbraham Club
14th September - Robert Tweedie (spirit drawings available) - Wilbraham Club
19th October - Davina Nuttall - The Central Lounge & Suites
16th November - Kathy Murphy - Wilbraham Club
14th December - Lilian & Harry O'Dell  - Wilbraham Club


I am now offering PRIVATE READINGS to develop my own skills with spirit.  Please do have a read of the poster above and if you would like to book a reading with me, you can contact me through our ON LINE CHAT (click the tab below) or any of other contact details on this email.  Thank You 

We will be holding an OPEN CIRCLE very soon.  Please do register if you would like to know more about the venue and date of when our first one will be.  Please note this is NOT a Psychic Night in our normal format, its an opportunity to come and learn about the world of spirit and share your experiences.  We will have some of our amazing mediums there on the night as well. 

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