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System Update!

Posted on 17 March, 2018 at 7:50

Morning everyone :)  The time now is 11.52am on Saturday 17th March 2018.

We recently had our PSYCHIC night on the 15th with the wonderful TRISHA HAVELIN stepping in for us after our booked mediums LILIAN & HARRY 0'DELL unfortunately had to cancel due to illness.  We had approx 30 through the door on the njght which is fairly quiet for us.  January we had 64 and February we had around 39 so its not really going the right way honestly!!  However I am confident that we will get our numbers up again to the high end especially with the amazing mediums we have coming up. 

Our next event is the 19th April with the wonderful Robert Tweedie.  His partner Emma also does spirit drawings.  Rob has been to our club before and always got excellant feedback.   Talking about feedback... you will notice I have updated the website today (hopefully) and you will see there is now a FREE INDEX tab for leaving reviews.  Please do this if you have been to one of our events in the past as its the best recommendation we can get for others who may be thinking of coming along.   Plus we woud love to hear what you have thought of the event and if you think we need some improvements do tell us so we can make this happen!

Upgraded our FREE INDEX account now and if you want to have a look at the profile here is the link: https://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(fairydust-events)_662744.htm" target="_blank">http://https://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(fairydust-events)_662744.htm

We also have our SPRIT TO SPIRIT event coming up next month on the 26tth - we currently only have 8 TICKETS remaining on this one before we sell out and its a fantastic night, with our usual stalls and 4 MEDIUMS to see its great value for money. 

Also in April we have our 80's night.. now I need to ask everyone a question.  I really don;t like cancelling events unless I have no other option, but this year so far I have had to cancel a LADIES NIGHT due to low ticket sales, and these tickets for the 80's night seem to be a bit slow at the moment, now i am NOT cancelling at the mo for this but i need your help... the prices do reflect how much it costs to put on one of these events, and to be fair, Fairydust is all about raising money for ABF The Soldiers Charity this year so we need to make sure we have something to give them.  Our Ladies Nights are on average £14 a ticket and the 80's night is £8.  Do you think that this price is fair?  Can you think of any reason why we would not sell at this?  If the events are not for you what would you like to see us do for you? 

We are happy to put on any event that our customers would like but we do need the tickets to sell.  Any feedback on this would be great thank you :)

Well I need to sign off shortly as off to work in my other job at the local Travelodge for a 12 hour shift the joy!! Not even had chance to work on my travel for the last few days so that could well be Tuesday now!  

A few people have asked me how much we have raised so far this year.  Last year though we gave over £1k to the charities we helped it cost me that much to run it for the year, so I have done this year slightly differently, everything goes in the pot from each event, all the expenses go out such as the cost of running this website, the flyers, business cards and in December what is remaining in the bank which I am hopeful will be a good amount will go straight to the charity.  As much as I love Fairydust and what we do I can't afford to run it myself from my own pocket, hopefully everyone will understand this and continue to support us for the rest of the year.  Fairydust always has been and always will be NON PROFIT so the only thing that is EVER deducted is the running costs only.  I don't take any sort of salary and have no intention of doing so for the future.

Long post for me this one on the blog think I might be getting the hang of it!  Thanks for following and reading if you have and will catch up with you all very soon. 

Have a lovely Saturday and stay warm as its FREEEEZZZZIIIINNNGGG !! 


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