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Private Readings Available

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Private Readings Available

You are now able to book PRIVATE READINGS with myself.  

Please see below feedback received from individuals who have had a private reading for your information purposes.   

Working with spirit is a unique gift and one which i am increasingly lucky to be able to learn and develop.

I must stress that i am LEARNING at the moment so am doing this to gain experience of working with spirit.  I have been in awareness class at Blackpool Spiritualist Church for some time and am keen develop this amazing gift. 

I have heard things in the past such as "the mediums can go on FB and get your details".  For me this is completely UNTRUE.  Up until your appointment slot I have never met the individual before, and know nothing about you or their life.  

By doing this I work purely with spirit and simply pass on the information I can given by showing clear and concrete evidence they are with you.  BUT and I must stress this, *No reading is ever guaranteed*, - we will start with our Angel Cards and trust that we will receive a link at that time.   Just one other thing, we cannot tell the future as its not been written yet for anyone its what you make it! xxxx 

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We now have a Facebook Group which you would be more than welcome to join.  I hope to be able to have some fantastic mediums on here and you will be able to book private readings and also its an open forum to ask questions to one of our mediums or indeed other visitors on the group.  We also welcome Churches and Clubs to join us to tell you all about any upcoming events you may be interested in please click this link to join us... 


Some Feedback.... 

Well what can i say about this lovely lovely hospitable lady Sarah Williams! Other than she is Amazing truly an inspiration she gave me a reading which i have to say was Spot on! She had me in tears (good tears) she has given me a lot to think about,as in where my future lies and what path to take i was only going to be at her home for about an hour but due to circumstances beyond our control she had to put up with me from 7pm until 10pm i was planning on leaving her home at 8 but my car wouldn't start! so ended up waiting for the r.a.c!! Thank you so much Sarah love and light xxx you lovely lady

Trisha Broxton - Date of Appointment 14th June 2017