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Why not visit the NEW Virgin Money Giving page for Fairydust.  Your donations goes straight to the charities concerned if you feel you would like to help.  Of course you are ALWAYS welcome to all our events and this is how we raise our funds for them, but the link is an easy way to donate direct whatever you feel you can.  

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The webpage is: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SarahWilliams147

This is a cause which is very close to my heart.  I want to share with you my own personal story about why I think that this charity deserves all the help it can get.

About 18 years ago now, my husband's father passed away from Cancer and other conditions.  Soon after this my mother in law started to forget small things.  At the time she lived in North Wales in a small village called Chirk, and we lived in Preston.  My daughter at the time was in primary school.  

We would phone June daily and Ian would get down whenever he could along with myself and our daughter (Lisa).  We began to notice that when we phoned her she was repeating what she was saying and very tearful which we put down to her depression after losing her husband of over 20 years. 

A couple of months later however, after Ian had gone down several times to visit and noticed a deterioration in her condition, plus her home appeared more in dis-ray and she was not looking after herself.  After his last visit and a long discussion when he got home, it was decided that she should come to stay with us for a while so we could look after her.  

Plans were made, however not much later, Ian received a phone call from a concerned neighbour to say his Mum had got considerably worse and he needed to come down asap, which of course he did.   He could never of prepared himself for the picture when he arrived.  The house was a shambles, and June was an extremely proud and independent woman. She was very upset,  had not showered, was clearly not looking after herself or the home and was just not herself at all.   It was decided between us there and then that she should return back with Ian to come to us indefinitely.  

What followed was what can only be described as a nightmare for a wonderful woman who I classed as my 2nd mum.  She was an amazing caring person and as she used to be a nurse I can only think how more terrifying it was as she knew what to expect.   When she came to live with us we made appointments to see the GP firstly.  We still at this stage thought it was depression.  The GP did some tests and basic memory questions and June struggled to answer.  He then referred us to Ribbleton Hall Hospital to see a specialist.   We both took her that day and it was confirmed that she did indeed have the start of Alzheimer's.  She cried and so did we.

I gave up my career at the time to become her full time carer.  This was incredibly hard.  Each day I lost a little bit more of the person I loved and watched her disappear before our eyes.  It was especially hard on Ian, her son and my young daughter who was only around 6 at the time.  She would make a coffee but put a teabag in and coffee and milk but no water, or she would turn the gas on the cooker but not light it, quite a few times I had to rush in to turn it off.   Another aspect of this awful condition was the mood swings which were constant, and not knowing where anything was either in the house that she lived in with us, or the shop around the corner.  In fact not long after moving in with us, she was unable to go out on her own anymore.  She used to love shopping and she would make me laugh as when I would take her out, as she always used to buy the same things as me!

After time, however, it became clear that caring at home was not enough, despite the help from Day Care Centre's and Social Services.  So it was with great upset and distress that we made a decision to find her 24 hour care.  She moved homes 3 times before she passed away and at the very end she was unable to communicate or feed and the women we all loved and knew had left some time ago. 

This is a very personal story for me and there is lots more I could tell you all, but I wanted to give you the basics of how it can affect not just the person who has been diagnosed but all family members as well.  No one should have to live through this and we do need to find a cure NOW!  Please support Fairydust in 2019 by coming along to our events and helping us raise as much as possible.  

Thank you 

Living with Dementia - Chris's Story

Families who have a child with a life-limiting condition can choose from a range of care and support services to meet their Family Support, and end of life care, either at home, or in Derian House. The emphasis is on giving support to children and their families, and providing them with choices which deliver an approach to care as individual as they are.

Derian House is committed to high standards in children’s hospice care. With a catchment area covering the whole of Lancashire,  South Lakes and north Manchester, it is currently supporting more than 300 families who have a child or young adult suffering from a life shortening condition, as well as providing bereavement support for a further 200 families.

We are immensely privileged to provide a service which is so crucial to these children and young people, and to be part of a team which supports them and their family through the highs and lows of their illness, and beyond.

Drawing on experience gained over the past 25 years, the hospice team has refined and developed a range of care techniques and support strategies in such a way as to maximise potential, and ensure best practice across all disciplines within the hospice.

We are a key member of Together for Short Lives and are a major contributor to the body which unites in seeking the exchange of views, policies and information for the ongoing promotion of best practice. Central to such is the partnership with other health care professionals and associated care services in maintaining the high standing that Derian House has achieved in the field of children’s hospice care.

For lots more information on this wonderful cause and the amazing work they do please visit:  https://derianhouse.co.uk

Derian House Children's Hospice