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Nominate a Charity

Nominate a Charity that needs help in this area.

Do you know of a local charity that needs our support with both raising awareness and funds to carry on their vital work?  If so we want to hear from you!

We work with 4 amazing charities every year, and though we are full for 2017 we are looking at 2018 already plus we may on occasion do one of special events for a separate local cause that is not on the schedule for this year.

Since our launch in 2015 we have raised funds for a number of causes (see our home page for the full list), we would love to carry on and help the small local charities that so need our help and do not have the funds or resources to do this themselves.

We do have some small criteria when suggesting a charity (though on occasion this will be waived)

No lottery funded causes if possible - must be purely of public donations

Must be servicing or in the PR postcode - we will look at Blackburn, Burnley, Blackpool as we have done these in the past, but as we are in Preston we do think that local charities should ideally be receiving the help in the first instance.

Apart from that, that is it really!

Please contact us through our contact form, email or telephone with your nominees for charities, we look forward to hearing from you!