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Shopping at our Events

Shopping at our events

who does not love shopping!


We always have a variety of small businesses at each of our events, to tempt you with some handmade gifts.  This can be anything from Jewellery to cakes. 

We work with a regular number of businesses as well as keeping it different at each event by inviting different type of stalls for your enjoyment.

If you have a specific item you think you would like to see at one of our events please do let us know, we will always try to accommodate our guest's needs.


If you have a business you want to shout about at our events then add your email to receive notifications of events where YOU can show of your business to its full potential.  Our stall fee varies from £5 and upwards depending on the event, we only have limited availability for each date, so if you see something you are interested in please let us know as soon as possible.

You can sign up with your business now by filling in the form below and adding onto our mailing list :) Alternatively please feel free to contact us via our other methods phone, email, LIVE CHAT or our Facebook page.

Thank you

Sarah Williams
Event Organiser